Catheter wrangling

Anyone who has had a catheter can tell you that they’re a nuisance.┬áIt takes a while to work out a way to sort out all the tubing so that it’s comfortable. In my experience so far I usually figure it out just before I get rid of the catheter.

This time around I’ve figured out that the mesh “sock” thing is the most comfortable for holding the bag but if I’m walking it slips down my leg too easily. The velcro/elastic straps hold it in place better but get uncomfortable after a while.

So here’s my solution for when I’m going to be walking about a bit:Catheter bag with "sock" and strap

That’s the “sock” with the upper strap on top of it, just below my knee and the top of the bag held up by the strap. I don’t use the lower strap, the bag is held close to my leg by the “sock”.

I have the bag on my lower leg because there tends to be more space in my trousers there, rather than up around my thigh. When I first got out of the hospital they gave me a leg bag with tubing cut so short I had to have the bag high up my thing, which also made lying in bed difficult.