Three years later

I’ve added some photos showing how my penis looks three years after the last urethroplasty (pictures from before surgery are here, if you want to compare). One of the most common questions I get from people contacting me through the blog is how the surgeries have affected the appearance and function of my penis.

I’d say there are two main differences in appearance:

  1. The underside of my penis used to have a prominent urethral bulge, that’s no longer there. Instead I think it’s a bit wider and flatter than it used to be.
  2. The sloppy suturing from the first urethroplasty has left some pretty visible scarring. It’s slightly less visible in real life than in the pictures (I blame the flash).

In terms of function I’m still keeping an eye on the urine flow rate. If it seems bad I’ll check using my Uflow funnel. Once every three to six months it’s been a bit too bad and I’ve had to a self-dilation with a catheter. Overall urination is fine.

As far as sexual function goes the only remaining problem is the lack of sensation on the underside of my penis due to the scarring. It’s occasionally a bit annoying but can be worked around without any difficulty.

Assuming there’s no significant worsening I can live happily like this without feeling any need for further treatment.