Useful studies and articles

Here are some articles and studies that I found while I was looking for information about the treatment of urethral strictures. These helped me to realise when what doctors were telling me was based on old or incorrect information.

The most up-to-date information I can find on treatment of urethral strictures is the American Urological Association’s guidelines on male urethral stricture.

Comparisons of urethroplasty techniques

Once I’d got to speak to a doctor who knew that repeating a failed urethrotomy was pointless these articles were helpful in deciding that out of the two options available (buccal mucosal graft and penile flap urethroplasty) I’d prefer the buccal mucosal graft.

Soliman MG, Farha MA, El Abd AS, Hameed HA and El Gamal S. Dorsal onlay urethroplasty using buccal mucosa graft versus penile skin flap for management of long anterior urethral strictures: a prospective randomized studyScandinavian Journal of Urology, 2014 Oct;48(5):466-73. doi: 10.3109/21681805.2014.888474.

Dubey D, Vijjan V, Kapoor R, Srivastava A, Mandhani A, Kumar A and Ansari MS. Dorsal onlay buccal mucosa versus penile skin flap urethroplasty for anterior urethral strictures: Results from a randomized prospective trial. The Journal of urology, 12/2007; 178(6):2466-9. doi: 10.1016/j.juro.2007.08.010

General information

If you can get access to UpToDate then this article gives a good summary of urethral strictures and treatment options.

The International Consultation on Urological Diseases published their recommendations in 2013. The two sections I found most useful were:

Buckley, Jill C. et al. SIU/ICUD Consultation on Urethral Strictures: Dilation, Internal Urethrotomy, and Stenting of Male Anterior Urethral StricturesUrology, Volume 83, Issue 3, S18 – S22. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2013.08.075

Chapple, Christopher et al. SIU/ICUD Consultation on Urethral Strictures: The Management of Anterior Urethral Stricture Disease Using Substitution UrethroplastyUrology, Volume 83, Issue 3, S31 – S47. doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2013.09.012