Foreskin problems

I just realised it’s been quite a while since my last update. A combination of work and holidays, as well as nothing much having changed since July.

The current status is that the graft looks pretty much like it did back in July (a bit less red and bruised around the edges though). The weird sensations have gone as the nerves have grown back. Now that everything has healed up I was even able to go swimming.

The only recent problem has been with my foreskin. It has always been a little bit tight, although not tight enough to cause any problems. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pull it back for several weeks after surgery and it has generally not been getting as much stretching as it usually does. As a result it tightened up further and the skin was cracking if I tried to pull it back. Some steroid cream and careful stretching has rapidly improved the situation, so it’s now more or less back to normal.

I’m now waiting for my follow-up appointment with the surgeon and to find out when they’re planning the second stage of the urethroplasty.